with some lovely micro greens planted inside



“that’s a bad bitch”

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handmade paper feathers, doilies, gold leaf, found paper, mice, barn owls

drawing/collage made during WALL BALL 2010 on April 3, 2010

WALL BALL is a live art auction that benefits  South City Open Studio and Art Gallery of children (SCOSAG) in St. Louis


“Archive” is an collaborative installation by artists  Leslie Macklin and Simiya Sudduth that investigates “living room”.

In progress

In progress

Spontaneous Projects Orchestrating Relevant Exchange

S.P.O.R.E Mobile Gallery is an aging 1998 Ford Windstar minivan converted into a mobile exhibition space with an interior installation gallery and performance/exhibition tent pioneered by Emily Hemeyer.

S.P.O.R.E  is a transient DIY exhibition space, archive and media lab as creative practice. Propelling innovative interactive collaborations between individuals and groups through an evolving cultural exchange.

Event Information
Starting in late August-September, SPORE is traveling throughout the West Coast visiting a slew of public spaces, backyards, small venues, galleries and institutions. As part of the Cultural Ambassadry Interchange we’ll be collecting photographs, stories and art from anyone and everyone who is circumstantially present at our (mostly) spontaneous events. Yes folks, we are stopping in quaint little college towns as well as large bustling cities. If you’d like us to host a visit shoot Emily an email at ghostsihavebeen@gmail.com

Check out http://sporeprojects.blogspot.com for images and updates on S.P.O.R.E’s first West Coast tour.




“Companion Planting: Biophilia”



the speckled owl and wounded bird will have a table together at green with indie march 21 & 22

more info here

and a link to the speckled owl’s myspace page


some signatures from books i’ve been making.

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forging relationships

making connections

this peice acts as a recording of my relationship with my mother as well as a general investigation into the way relationships and connections  of all sorts are created and what efforts are needed to maintain them.

as my grandmother ties the braided ends of my hair to my mother’s the awkward, unsecure connection between the two heads is reflective the status of my relationship with my mother: an un natural connection that needs constant energy and maintainance. my grandmother is a mother to both of us: she is the guiding force that brings us together in the piece and in life.

bragrafparis1via: the blind

braille graffiti video


I am having work in this show at Cranky Yellow Publishing on December 6, 2008.

Come one come all. Images soon.